Friday, 16 August 2013

Polymer Clay Crafts....

I returned home to Plymouth last weekend having spent a lovely relaxing two weeks on holiday with my family in France.  My Mum and myself being shopaholics, with no chance of rehabilitation in this lifetime, of course took some time from our busy schedule of reading and sunbathing to visit a few of the local towns and spend some time getting to know what was hot and what was not in the local area. 

Unfortunately the first day we chose to do this was on a Monday, on which day the shops in France are .... closed.  Horrifying!  Jones-ing for  a fix, we scrambled back to the car, and on the advice of the local tourist information, swiftly travelled a further 45 minutes to the nearest city which might have some shops open.   There were a few, but sadly it was only that, a few.

Undeterred we tried again on Tuesday, and thank goodness we were in luck this time!  We spent a fantastic morning perusing the local boutiques and eying up the pastries.  

And of course, as we wandered, I was drawn into the depths of a new obsession, how very unlike my usual behaviour (ahem, cough, cough). 

We found an incredible little shop which had some fantastic jewellery and homemade crafts within, an absolute haven for persons such as myself (I was struggling to deal with the fact that I had gone without crafting for almost a week and a half at this point, having left all crochet, jewellery making, card making etc etc etc gubbins at home). 

Of course many an inspirational photo was taken....

...A very French set of croissant and pain au chocolat earrings!  LOVE these...

...French macaroon earrings!!! Desperately want these!...

...Cupcakes AND bows??? now why didn't I think of that!...

...Oh ice cream, you are my true weakness.

Unfortunately, my obsession was a little focused on the cupcake, croissant and macaroon earring sets, and I rather dropped the ball in regards to some of the other crafty bits they had in there.  Doh.  I regret this now, but was too in the moment at the time.

 Upon my return to Plymouth the newly built hobbycraft had been opened, and so further inspection was neccessary.  Of course they had plenty of polymer clay, and so supplies were purchased!

With a little help from you tube and various available tutorials on bow making, and a little book on working with polymer clay, also bought in hobbycraft, I was able to fashion my own version of the cupcake dangley earrings, with bows attached too.  


 And what with it being the weekend and all, I carried on making and created a set of dangley doughnut earrings too!


They came out so well, I just love them!

I have been happily making more and more items all week, I also now have orange cupcakes with bright orange bows, ice cream cones, and tacos!  I am hoping to keep on experimenting and make lots more, I just love the versatility.

I have also been putting these onto my etsy shop Glitter Shark Gifts please feel free to go take a look at my items.  There will be many more to come!  And perhaps the beads for jewellery making of your own design soon too. 

I've also, well my ears at least have, been getting a lot of attention from the ladies at work with my novelty fun and funky earring choices this week.... so now I will just have to make new and interesting options, because I wouldn't want to disappoint them by wearing the same ones too often!

Oh yes, I will certainly be well occupied for the foreseeable future :) 

Thanks for reading. 

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