Monday, 19 August 2013

Halloween here I come ....

I know, I know, it is August.  I have already been informed of this fact.  The problem is, that one of my many flaws is my obsessive need to plan things.  Luckily this trait only applies to things that I perceive as particularly fun or I would never get anything done, phew (ahem).

Pinterest having been discovered, like so many crafty people has become a black hole for about 80% of my free time, the remianing time then being spent on the various activities found (I mean who needs food really?? - The "Pinterest diet",  could this become a new thing?... Probably not, I am rambling).  My latest pin board has become a "Halloween Party" board (link here if you are interested), with all of the things I want to make to decorate my house ready for this year's halloween when I will be having a party (I guess the clue is in the name, I may not have needed to explain that part, sorry).

There are so very many exciting things to be done!

So many that there is no hope of managing all of them, but I am starting on the things that I have seen and just can't say no too.  Goodness knows what I am going to do once it comes to the cake and baked goods side of this party, I will probably need a whole other pin board for that soon, and may explode with excitement at the possibilities.  Oh boy! The endless and exciting opportunities!

Anywho, I have started, and made some good progress with my first home made halloween decoration.  Hooray!  Using up some of my extensive stash of wool - which the fella deems "unnesscessary", pffft how little he knows.

My first project is this little gem below:

find the pattern at

This is a great pattern to follow, really quick and easy, and I am now in the final stages of finishing it up.  I have just one more bow to make, some tidying up to do, and need to stitch the final "O" on.  (Although I have forgotten to take recent pictures, doh!).

Just starting out (beetle juice style trousers adding to the overall effect I think)...

... these candy corns are so cute!!...

... last triangle on the hook.

Now if only I had thought to take another photo!  ... I shall have to add it to my next post!  In the mean time if you crochet, and you want a fun little project between now and the end of October, I highly recommend giving this one a go!

Thanks for reading :)

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