Sunday, 25 August 2013

Taco Time!

Oh my gosh, I just love these so freaking much!  I can't STOP wearing them!  I feel wrong, as a vegetarian of 16 years, it seems odd to be wearing an item depicting clay beef!  But ... well wouldn't you?!?

They are made from polymer clay, set on silver plated jewellery findings, and are just the most awesome thing I think I have ever owned, let alone made!  

I have made them available in my etsy shop, Glitter Shark Gifts for anyone who thinks that these are as cute as I do!  They are lovely and durable and would be perfect for children as well as adults.  And would also be possible to make with clip on backing rather than the earring hooks here, for those with non-pierced ears.

I have spent a lot of my craft time crocheting for the last week or so finishing a big rug, and working on some halloween bits, presents etc.  But I think that tomorrow, when I am off to the other half's parent's place for the day, I may seriously need to take a mobile clay station with me, because having just taken some pictures I am feeling VERY inspired to make more wonderful little clay goodies!  

Eeeeeep.... stay tuned to see what crazy new earrings this brings on for wearing next week!

Thanks for reading.

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