Sunday, 25 August 2013


The bunting is finished! Hooray :)  
The information on this is in my previous post Halloween Here I Come if you fancy one yourself.

So in preparation, it is up... not sure how the other half is going to feel about his flat becoming a halloween wonderland 2 months early, buuuut I'm sure I can distract him with practice halloween cookies and cakes etc.  Mooowahahahaha halloween evil laugh.

Sooooooo, what to do next 


I spent the entire morning on pinterest ... actually I didn't, just all spare moments I had, I actually finished building the chest of drawers that the halloween bunting is on in the picture above.  Amazing you might think, but the ulterior motive was definitely creating more space to fill up with my yarn stash ahem.....

Anyway, back to the point.  I did spend a very large amount of time on pinterest this morning.  The Halloween Party pinboard is definitely reaching a level outside of my ability to create it all... 262 pins and counting.  There is an absolute wealth of halloween crafting genius out there!  It's brilliant.  

I spotted this incredible painted pumpkin on Pinterest.  

Eyeball paintedpumpkin on
This has been posted as a tutorial on and looks just fantastic!  However getting a pumpkin now and painting in preparation would be foolish!   Also, I mistook it completely when I saw it and thought it was a cushion!  I know, I am a little slow sometimes... 

Having attempted to find out how to make such a wondrous cushion by clicking on the pin, and becoming slightly disappointed to read that it was a pumpkin (followed by a wave of an emotion I shall refer to as "oh cool, that is awesome anyway") I thought, well what the heck, I shall make up a pattern for a cushion myself then!  Why not, what could possibly go wrong?

Well a lot I suspect, but the early signs are looking positive! 

I have succeeded at getting an inner eye, the first round of white, with veins is coming along swell, sooooo this could be a win!  I shall keep at it and post as I go!  Perhaps even write out a pattern when I'm done.  Oooh the ambition! 

I hope everyone else is thoroughly enjoying their halloween build up as much as I am!  

Thanks for reading.

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