Friday, 16 August 2013

Going Large

There are some things in life that you just cannot change.  I am impulsive, and have a huge problem where shopping is concerned.  I have tried, oh how I have tried, to change this.  But it is just something that I have to keep living with and learning to deal with.  So I take comfort and solace in the fact that for the last year or so, the majority of my shopping has been directed at craft and crochetables.

Thank goodness for buying useful present makingstuff instead of just straight up cr**!

I'm not sure that my boyfriend agrees with any of my shopping habits, craftables or otherwise, as far as he sees it, our house is full, end of.  This to him is a negative... I don't know that I am so concerned.  If I ever end up on a TV show about hording I will know it has gone too far.

I am going somewhere with this ramble!

I went to visit my best friend after I got back from holiday just under two weeks ago now, and we ended up in a rather large shopping centre.  Feeling very adult when half way through our trip we realised that we couldnt be bothered to shop for clothes/shoes, but were DESPERATE to go into Lakeland and look at kitchen, and craft stuff.  I'm not sure if this signifies "adult" or insance, but I try not to dwell.

We called into the habedashery in John Lewis, and oh boy, it was wonderous!  So much Rowan yarn in beautiful colours and soft, soft, soft goodness!  There were fabrics as far as the eye could see, oh the wonder!  They even had fabric with hungry caterpillars all over it!  And also material with funky cartoony tea pots.

The first thing I picked up and truly refused to put down was a 20mm crochet hook.  The thing is MASSIVE!  Love it.

Whoahoahoa!  Just don't tell my Mum I've become a giant hook-er she might get concerned;) ahoho

Along with this I selected one pretty ball of merino wool, some of the funky teapot material and a few other bits and pieces now added to my stash.

On my return home, I had a good raid of said stash to see what was about that would be thick enough to use on the new gargantuan hook.  I had decided upon making a rug for my living room/bedroom (still undecided on this, but I will figure it out).  Hooray, using up some of my stash and creating more storage space!

I had 8 balls of Wendy Pampas mega-chunky picked up when in a sale at my local yarn shop ( I do so love a bargain).

Then I wasted numerous hours on pinterest and ravelry hunting for a pattern which could be handily turned into a rug with the use of my materials.

I decided upon a lovely star-stitch coaster found on ravelry, which I extended as I went to add an additional three rounds of star stitch before I finished off with the edging (if you are particularly interested in how I did this and want a pattern, please feel free to leave me a comment requesting this :) thanks).  This has made a stunning rug, and oh it is sooooo super soft and cozy, I am desperately regretting not purchasing 100 balls of this yarn now!  But that would have definitely been a step towards TV hoarders.

The end result was this lovely super soft and snuggly rug.

Super cosy, and for now situated on my lounge floor.

Thanks for reading.

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