Sunday, 26 May 2013


So it turns out that there is an incredible bead shop that has been in Plymouth now for the last nearly a year. I don't know how I missed this, but hooray I have found it now! 

The shop is called Bead Boutique and I went for the first time today, and the choices, oh the endless choices!

I exercised an unprecedented amount of restraint (sort of) and only bought bits for a few pieces of jewellery this time around.  Glossing quickly over the new set of tools I bought just because they were purple and sparkly ... Ahem.

Aren't they cute ;) 

I wanted to practice using crimp beads and make some floating bead style necklaces. The white and black roses are just so beautiful, I am soooo pleased with how the shorter necklace has come out.

I also used the additional green square beads to make a little bracelet, as below.

I also loved these purple flower beads, which I mixed with dark grey round beads with lovely silver patterns on them. 

From which I made the other necklace and matching earrings below.

Which concludes the beads bought this morning, but I will most absolutely be returning very very soon! I have barely even scraped the surface of the possibilities :) hurray! 

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