Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Getting back in to the swing of things

Well I have got quite a bit to catch up on, so I have a glass of wine in hand, and pictures a plenty, and I'm ready to write!

Since the run up to Christmas both my cake related musings (bake me a picture) and my woolly knitty crochet blog here have been completely neglected, despite both activities increasing quite considerably in actual number of hours I spent on them.

So a quick little catch up on the things that I have been making and what my stash has been last seen in.

First up is this cute multicoloured head band with a nice big bow on the top.  Beautiful purple tones, lovely!

Also, available to buy in my all new etsy shop GlitterSharkGifts ... shameless plug but bah! If you're reading my blog, I might as well at least try ;)

Next up... 

A lovely little cuff bracelet which I made with clear glass seed beads running around, about, and all throughout it.  I used a gorgeous grey lampwork heart shaped bead as a button to close this with, because I felt it deserved something just a little more glam than a piece of plastic.  

More shameless plugging, this one can be found on my folksy page (also Glitter Shark Gifts, but this time a different link!).

Then I started thinking about some valentines possibilities, and thought dangly heart earrings! Here's what I came up with... 

 (on etsy!...If you're interested)

Oh this cowl might just be my favourite thing that I have made so far! I love it's snuggly warm feel and look.
and this fan pattern, with the undulating texture, I just love it!  Plenty more to be made where this one came from I think! Oh the winter birthday gift market for my friends and family is just ripe for it...
... and with this insane number of colour options to be found in my yarn stash alone(!) well the possibilities are endless.  Hooray for crafts!

 Also available for purchase, ahem, on my etsy store (what's that name again? yes it was Glitter Shark Gifts).

 Oh yarn, the endless possibilities....

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