Thursday, 8 November 2012

Got the crochet bug!

I think it is sufficient to say, crochet, and pinterest have destroyed any semblance of productivity I ever had.  

I was introduced to crochet by a good friend at work, and the four girls in our office are now hooked (aheheh)!

I then found out about pinterest, and well between the two, I now have a place to store links to all the cool things I find, and a way to make awesome stuff .... I will never have spare time ever again!  BUT I will have lots of cool homemade goodies!

I then managed to spread the crochet love, and so this blog is really a way for me to share my projects and finished goods, patterns that I have found and like etc with my friend (she liveds over 200 miles away from me :( so this isn't insane I promise), and should anyone else find anything interesting, or helpful, then all the better!  

So to start with a few things that I have made recently (I only started crocheting maybe 4 months ago, so this pretty much sums up everything I have made... at least, made and not pulled apart again!) ....

A friend at work has just handed in his PhD thesis, which (long story short) is about sharks, AMAZING, I know! He had a leaving party with a shark theme, so I followed this awesome Shark hat pattern and wore the result to his party, and left it with him as a parting gift.  He was super psyched at the idea of wearing it around London when he moves up there.  I am awaiting pictures of him freaking people out on the tube etc.

I only changed the pattern very slightly, just to turn the fins at the back to be vertical (got to be anatomically correct when you are going to a party with shark experts there!) otherwise I would have gotten a lot of stick for wearing jaws the dolphin. 
Another recent creation is for a Christmas present... I won't say whose as that might give the game away before I give them it!

I found this pattern on ravelry, it is a lion brand yarn free pattern (but you have to sign up to access it) but if you fancy it the pattern is here.

And the only other item I currently have a photo available of, is my halloween Frankenstein hat (I made two pumpkin hats also, but I will have to get the picture my Mum took of us all in those, as I gave them to my brother and boyfriend).  

Taken from the super cute collection of halloween hats at the blog a chick with sticks.  Cute, but mine could use a little alteration I think!  He is a little big at the bottom.  Though I think that was my careless addition of stitches each round, whoops!

I have made some other bits and pieces, I shall locate and take pictures! More to come ....

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